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Yard Maintenance

Residents of Oak Bay and Victoria can now take advantage of the great fall yard cleanup services we have to offer.

Leaf Blowing Services

$35/hr + waste removal.


Gutter Cleaning Service

$55/hr – provides excellent quality gutter cleaning services with a focus on attention to details and safety. If you are looking to have your gutters cleaned and live in or around Oak Bay and Victoria, give us a call today!


Power Raking

$70/hr – It is suggested that power raking be done yearly to maintain the health of a great lawn. Removing overwhelming thatch helps prevent excessive moss and mildew growth between grass blades. If you are looking to have your lawn power raked call us today!


Rototilling / Aeration

$70/hr -  Aerating your lawn is a great way to prevent compaction in heavy traffic areas as well as it encourages deep saturation and deep root growth.



$70/2500 sq ft – Insufficient Fertilization is the second most common error home owners make when attempting to build a great lawn. Did you know that your lawn grows the best if you fertilize 3 or 4 times per year and there are different chemical compositions for each?