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Building a New Lawn in Oak Bay

Lawn Building Instructions For Residents of Oak Bay

Building and maintaining a new can seem like an overwhelming task. In actuality it isn’t very difficult to do as long as you pay attention to the details and water religiously.

Lawn Building Step 1: Lawn Measurements

Using a measuring tape, calculate the exact area you intend to cover. Do not use your fathers method of pacing it out with footsteps.

Lawn Building Step 2: Soil Preparation

For the best results cover the area with 4-6 inches of sand based soil blend. Level the area using a landscaping rake and roll the new soil with a lawn roller 1/3 full of water.

Lawn Building Step 3: New Lawn Fertilization

Apply your pre-measured amount of Phosphorous rich turf fertilizer using a hand spreader. Again do not use your fathers farmer toss method for spreading. An even distribution of fertilizer is very important to the growth of your lawn.

Lawn Building Step 4: Seed Application

After measuring out your necessary seed, apply it evenly to the area using a hand spreader. Even distribution is very important in building a healthy lawn.

Lawn Building Step 5: Post Seeding Care

After applying your seed, roll the entire surface ensuring tight contact between the soil and seeds. They must be in contact with the surface in order to draw moisture for germination.

Lack of regular watering is the most common error when building a lawn. Newly seeded grass should be watered every morning and every night during the first 30-40 days.